We use Kidsxap for enrolments. Our enrol now link should direct to:


However, because Kidsxap is not that user friendly, we need to also need to put some information in there that states:

“We use an online enrolment system called Kidsxap. You will need to create a user ID (email address) and password to enrol. You will need your Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) as well as the CRN of your child. You will also be asked to provide current Immunisation information. During the enrolment process you will be able to enter information about your first child only. After you have created your the enrolment for your first child, you will receive an email from us confirming your user ID and password. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive your confirmation email within 10 minutes. Once your user ID and password is confirmed, you can then log back in to add any subsequent children. Please do not create another user ID and password. We want to keep all of your family details together.

During the enrolment process you will be able to save information you have entered and log out. As a result of this, you may receive a notification when you first enter a user ID (email address) and password that our system does not recognise it. Please disgregard this notification and keep going.

Once you have created your user ID and password, you will also be able to download the Kidsxap Guardian app. This app is used for creating bookings and tracking your child’s progress with us.”